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At the heart of all successful promotion is the use of logos to create a recognisable visual identity of the business, organisation, event or artist. It sets the foundation of this visual identity and it can do this in numerous ways such as style, colour, symbolism and meaning.

Your logo should be eye catching and work to attract attention of your target audience wherever it is used. A good logo design will help express a public identity, and through all its aspects it will make the right impact on its audience, attracting them and creating appeal.

Don’t underestimate the value of a well designed logo. Poorly designed logos will work against your promotional efforts and can actually repel your target audience.

Logo design is also the foundation of creating a solid brand design. When your goals are high and you want to maximise your results then you do need to consider a complete brand design (see BRANDING below).

As with everything we do for you we will look at the big picture for you even when tackling one off jobs, because we understand the importance of the big picture and the way your public image appears across everything you present to the public.

Engaging Positive Promotions to create a new logo for you could be the stepping stone to seeing the value and quality of our services. To find out more please Contact us via phone or email or use our Quote request form. We want to help you reach your goals through your positive promotions.


BRANDING - Going beyond the logo

Branding is the complete creation and ongoing management of all aspects of the public identity of a business, product, organisation, group or individual. The foundation of branding is its visual identity, and this visual identity is created through the process of brand design.

Brand design incorporates logo design yet goes much further into the complete overall look and feel of all promotional materials and can include marketing messages as well. It sets the overall presentation of a brand in a fixed way through the implementation of a brand style guide that must be followed in order to maintain the brands integrity. Consistency is crucial to maintain brand integrity and getting the most out of your branding.

Branding and brand design are used to maximise the impact of all your promotional efforts on your target audience.

Positive Promotions specialise in crafting unique, meaningful and engaging brands for businesses, organisations, products and people that will connect with its audience and maximise engagement and appeal.

We combine, creative, intuitive and strategic processes into every brand we passionately craft. We understand that every brand has its own uniqueness and we will take time to really understand you and your business, organisation or product and its ideal target market. Beyond brand design we can assist with developing your brands message/s and overall management of your brand.

We want to know your ultimate goals and vision and be a part of helping you achieve them.

Our expertise is available to assist and support you with all aspects branding including brand design, the design of branded materials, marketing message development, content creation, consultation, and ongoing brand management.


Our Brand Design Process


  • Assess your current branding and promotional material.
  • Get to know the business, organisation or product.
  • Get to know the owners/managers of the brand and their values, goals and vision.
  • Understand the industry you work within and key competitors.
  • Understand your target audience.


  • Design focussed concepts (based on our research and creativity) for a main logo of the brand that the overall brand will centre around.
  • Design focussed concepts of overall branding design including secondary elements, layout and overall presentation to create a cohesive brand. This will be presented as a mock-up of a piece of branded material.
  • Gather client feedback and refine the concepts to completion.
  • Design any stationary or branded promotional material that a client needs for implementing the brand in the first 3 months or so. This may include digital and/or printed assets.
  • On larger branding projects we will assist in developing your brands main messages to be used in marketing contexts and this will be integrated into the branding style guide we create for you.


  • Produce a Branding Style Guide in the form of a digital booklet.
  • Supply final artwork and branding elements to the client.
  • Organise any printing the client would like for us to arrange for them

Brand management

  • We will work with you and advise you over a set period after the completion of the brand to help you with implementation and management of your brand.


Some of our logo & branding work ...

kyogle and villages brand logo

Client: Kyogle Council

Brand Design & Council Signage

ilbacco brand logo

Client: Il Bacco Italian Dining

Brand Design Package

omegachild brand eye logo

Client: Omegachild

Musical Artist Logo Design

Hawk Carts product brands

Client: Hawk Carts

Products Logo/Brand Design